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What’s Inspected?

The following is a general summary of items covered during the course of a typical home inspection. It is not a complete list of items covered. Our report meets and exceeds Arizona ASHI National standards. We encourage you to read the entire inspection report for the detailed items not listed here:


Foundation, patios, driveways, slabs, walkways, grading, drainage, retaining walls, decks, posts, railings, siding, caulking, windows, panes, doors, eaves-soffits, fascia, trim, doors, garage doors, roofing, flashings, and components.


Windows, walls, ceilings, doors, steps, stairways, railings, counters, cabinets, water penetration, fixtures, toilets, tubs, sinks, vanities.


Water pressure, fixtures, faucets, showers, sinks, spigots, visible pipes, supports, functional drainage, water heating equipment and safety, vents, leaks, hot & cold flow.


Service panels, amperage, breakers, wiring type, conductor materials, connections, conditions, compatibility, plugs, switches, receptacles, ceiling fans, G.F.C.I. operation, general safety issues.


Safe operations and control, heat pumps, furnaces, wall heaters, chimneys, flues, exhaust fans, vents, pumps, ducts, dampers, and filters.


Central systems, heat pumps, evaporative coolers, air handler fans, operating controls, thermostat conditions, temperature split, filter conditions, general external conditions.


Cover material type, surface conditions, flashings, valley seams, debris, drainage, ridges, hips, ventilation, penetrations, skylights, chimneys, turbine vents, gable vents.


Insulation type, clearances, framing, trusses, roof sheathing, ducting, wiring, signs of leaks, general safety conditions. Your inspector will also alert you of any discovered item that appears to be a safety concern or that might potentially present a hazardous condition to occupants. Some of these items may or may not fall within the scope of the inspection standards.


Gather Information About The Home

Gather together pertinent information about the home that may be useful to the Horizon Inspector, when you meet him for the Inspection. These items could include the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Data sheet, which gives the square footage of the house, the year it was built, and other important information; a copy of the Seller’s Disclosure Statement, which can be helpful when trying to establish historical continuity; copies of any previous Home Inspections; and any other useful information you may have. The more information that your Horizon Home Inspector has about the property he is inspecting, the better he is able to do his job.

Prepare Questions

Make a list of any questions or concerns you have about the house, based upon your initial visit(s). If you are not familiar with the workings of a particular type of system or appliance in the house, note this as well. Are you planning to remodel after you move in? Maybe enlarge a room and move some walls but are not sure whether or not you can? Make note of this, too. Share your questions and concerns with your Inspector, when you meet at the property. Remember, this is your Inspection! The purpose of the Inspection is not only to identify potential significant defects, but also to answer questions you may have about the operation and maintenance of the components in the house.

Pad And Pencil

Be sure to bring something to take notes with. Your inspector will likely share valuable insights into the workings of your home, that may be worth noting. You may also wish to record measurement of room sizes, floor layout, lot layout, etc.

Services provided by Horizon Home Inspections include the following:

  • Residential Resale – Buyers and Sellers inspections on Single Family Residences, Condos, Townhouses, Patio Homes, Investment Properties, Retirement Properties, Mobile and Manufactured Homes
  • New Construction (Pre-Drywall) – Performed just before insulation and drywall are installed
  • New Construction (Final Walk-Thru)- Performed prior to your final walk-thru with the builder
  • New Construction (1-year Walk-Thru) – Performed at the 1 year anniversary as a final check
  • Termite- Performed along with a home inspection under StrikeForce Pest Control, Lic. #5440
  • Re-Inspection – Verify if repairs have been made to summary report items
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Digital photos
  • Computer generated report printed at the time of the inspection
  • Email the report at time of inspection
  • $1,000,000 errors and omission insurance