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This agreement is between the client named below and Horizon Home Inspection.
I (client) hereby request a limited visual inspection of the structure at the address listed below of this contract, for my sole use and benefit. I warrant that I will read the following agreement carefully. I understand that I am bound by all terms of this contract. I agree
to read the entire inspection report, as additional information and details concerning the nature of the inspection are found through out the entire report.

Scope of the Inspection
The inspector will perform a visual, non-invasive computer generated report of the apparent condition of the readily accessible installed systems and components of the property existing at the time of the inspection. Therefore latent and concealed defects and
deficiencies are excluded from this inspection.

Standards of Practice
The home inspection and / or systems inspected will be performed in accordance with the scope and standards of practice of the State of Arizona and the American Society of Home Inspectors (AZ ASHI). A copy of these standards is included with your report.

Additional Terms, Conditions and Limitations
The inspector cannot examine what cannot be seen by a non-invasive, visual physical examination. The inspector is not required to, nor shall he or she move furniture, flooring, coverings, insulation, personal belongings. The inspection does not include any
destructive testing or dismantling. Client agrees to assume all the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. Whether or not they are concealed, the following, ARE OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF THE INSPECTION: Building
codes or zoning ordinance violations; Geological stability or soil conditions; Structural stability or engineering analysis; Free standing appliances; Telephone and cable / TV cables; Cisterns; Fountains; Electronic air cleaners / filters; Water softeners / purifier systems; Solar heating systems; Security systems; Landscaping irrigation systems; Central vacuum systems; Private water or sewage systems; Asbestos, Radon, Formaldehyde, Lead, Water or air quality, electromagnetic radiation or any environmental hazards; Mold &   Mildew; Low voltage lighting and electrical systems; Furnace heat exchangers; Cosmetic items, including without limitation to paint, dents, cracks, flooring, wall coverings, carpeting, paneling, window treatments; Energy efficiency measurements and equipment.

Any general comments about these conditions of the report are informal only and do not represent an inspection. Other items excluded under this agreement and not within the scope of the inspection unless you have paid an additional fee and specified item is noted and agreed upon. Swimming pools; saunas / spas; detached buildings; wood destroying
organisms, termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and fungal rot.

This inspection is not a home warranty, guarantee, or insurance policy or a substitute for a real estate transfer disclosures that may be required by law.

Client understands and agrees that any claim for failure to accurately report the visually discernible conditions at the subject property, as limited herein above, shall be made in writing and reported to the inspector within 72 hours of the discovery. Client further agrees that, with the exception of emergency conditions, client or clients agents, employees or independent contractors will make no alterations, modifications or repairs to the claimed discrepancy prior to a re-inspection by the inspector. Client understands
and agrees that any failure to notify the inspector as stated above shall constitute a waiver of any claims for said failure to accurate report the condition in question.

Binding Arbitration
The client further agrees that the inspector is liable only if there has been a complete failure to follow the standards included in the report or state law. Furthermore, any legal action must be brought within two years from the date of the inspection or will be deemed
waived and forever barred.

Limitation of Liability
Inspector’s liability for mistakes or omissions in this report is limited to a refund of the fee paid for the inspection services. The liability of the inspectors, agents and employees is also limited to the fee paid. This limitation applies to anyone who is damaged or has expenses of any kind because of negligent or omissions in performing the inspection or preparing the report and any other services provide under this agreement. Client assumes the risk of all losses greater than the fee paid for the inspection services. Client agrees to accept a refund of the fee as full settlement of any and all claims, which may never arise from this inspection.

This agreement, including the terms and conditions on the reverse side, represents the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other agreements either written or oral between them. This agreement shall be constructed and enforced in accordance
with the laws of the state of Arizona, and if the states laws or regulations are more stringent than the forms of this agreement, the state law or rule shall govern.