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Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected
Purchasing a home is one of the most important buying decisions you can make in your lifetime. Since each home – both new and old – can come with it’s own unique set of circumstances, it’s very important to have a home inspection done.

A home inspector can educate you on the condition of your new home by taking an in-depth and objective look at the property you plan to buy. Thorough home inspections can help you avoid often unpleasant and unexpected repairs and surprises later on down the road.

What to Expect
When you schedule a inspection, you can expect an intensive look at the overall condition of your home. Many people mistakenly assume they will receive an appraisal for their home, but this isn’t so. Instead, your inspector’s job is to evaluate the home as it is, and alert you to any potential problems, defects or safety concerns you should be aware of.

The overall inspection will cover every facet of your home. This includes your home’s interior and exterior, plumbing, electrical, heating, central air conditioning, roofing, attic and can also include additional inspections of detached buildings, pools and spas.

Home inspections from Horizon are recorded electronically. This means you get a copy of your full inspection report delivered to you at the time of inspection both digitally and in a hard copy printout. Additionally, your inspector will take digital photos of your home and the areas in need of special attention. When you get your report, it’s yours to keep and use as you wish. The results of the inspection are intended to help you make educated decisions about the house – both in purchasing the home and possibly for when you choose to do future repairs or modifications.

Many Arizona homes are susceptible to termite infestations. Horizon Home Inspection offers free termite inspections as part of your overall home inspection. While many home inspectors do a fine job, Horizon Home inspectors are trained in identifying structural weaknesses caused by termite damage. Catching this before you purchase the home can often save you a great deal of money and heartache.

When your inspector evaluates your house, it’s a good idea to be present for the entire inspection. It is helpful to walk along side your inspector and note anything he might suggest needs attention. This way, if you have specific questions, you can discuss them together while evaluating the particular space in question. It’s also a good idea to point out ideas you may have for future remodeling or updates while your inspector is present. He will be able to provide you with vital information that could make things much easier for you down the road.

Our Dedication To Detail That Your Family Deserves
Horizon Home Inspection is a family owned and operated business. All of our inspectors’ reports meet and exceed Arizona ASHI National standards. At Horizon, we take great pride in our work and we are committed to our customers and their satisfaction.

To learn more about what to expect from our home inspections or to schedule an inspection, contact us today!